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Spiritual and devotional music based on the Vedas, Upanishads and Purans.

Isha Music is dedicated to producing high quality devotional and spiritual music based on the rich Indian heritage of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Purans.

Most of the devotional music currently available in the market consists of bhajans and kirtans. Typically these are done by getting a lyricist to write some songs, which are then set to music by an arranger. At Isha Music, all the kirtans that we have produced are those that have been sung by the Indian poets and the kirtan mandalis for the past three hundred to four hundred years. To be able to do this kind of a job, a phenomenal amount of research, time and effort is put into these kirtans to make them sound authentic and as close to the original as possible. Even the tunes that these kirtans have been set to are the traditional tunes in which these kirtans have been sung over the centuries.

For the mahamantras, we have taken the stutis, stotras and the shlokas from the Purans. We have not composed these scriptures ourselves but ensured that these were taken from the texts such as the ones published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, whose authenticity and dedication to the cause of Indian spirituality is well known. Even after that, these stutis, shlokas and the stotras have been vetted by our team of Sanskrit scholars to ensure that no grammatical or typographic error from the text is transferred to the musical album. A Sanskrit scholar is also present at the time of recording to prevent any pronunciation errors from creeping in during the recording of the album.

We are also the only company to have recorded all the eleven main Upanishads. Since these eleven Upanishads are the essence of Hindu philosophy, and have been taken from the four Vedas, putting them in audio format was an overwhelming task. To be able to record the Upanishads, we needed a Sanskrit scholar who would not only be able to sing and narrate the text, but would also know the Vedic pronunciation, which is different from the routine Sanskrit pronunciation. This job was aptly completed by Pt. Ganesh Vidyalankar who is not only a Vedic scholar but also an accomplished musician.

Another enormous project that has been undertaken by Isha Music has been the recording of the Puja Series. This series consists of seven albums. These pujas have been recorded keeping in mind that in the present day and time, having access to a Vedic pundit is always not possible. While it is almost impossible to find a Vedic scholar when one is not living in India, even within India, with the lack of time and other resources, scholarly pundits are not easily available. With this in mind we have produced these seven albums which encompass the major part of the normal Hindu rites.

We have also produced albums for meditation and relaxation. Our meditation music has been specifically recorded keeping in mind the kind of meditative practices that we are advocating. The Tatwa and Yoga Nidra series are guided meditation albums intended to lead the listener to the meditative state that he/she is contemplating.

In keeping with today's Internet age, we have endeavored to make most of our music available in the form of digital downloads. We sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to our albums as much as we have enjoyed their creation.